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Rice, Biryani's and Naans

Rice 2.00

Steamed basmati rice plate. 

Rice Pollow 3.00  

Basmati rice with peas and nuts.

Jeera Rice 3.00

Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds.

Saffron Rice 3.95

Steamed Basmati rice with aromatic saffron threads. 

Gost ki Biryani 9.95

Slow cooked lamb, rice and special blend of spices.

Chicken Biryani 9.95

Chicken and rice cooked in special blend of spices.

Prawn Biryani 9.95

Fresh tiger prawns and rice cook in special blend of sices.

Vegetable Biryani 7.95

Assorted vegetables cooked in special blend of spices with nuts and raisins.

Naan Breads

Naan 1.00  

Indian bread freshly baked in our clay oven.   

Onion Kulcha 1.95

Indian bread topped with fresh onions and cilantro baked in our clay oven.

Garlic Naan 1.95

Indian bread topped with garlic and cilantro baked in our clay oven.

Keema Naan 3.95

Naan stuffed with minced meat, fresh herbs and spices and baked in our clay oven.

Kashmiri Naan 3.95 

Kashmiri naan topped sweet apple and saffron caramelized in our clay oven.

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