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(Indian clay oven. All dishes are skewered and roasted)

Tandoori Prawns 10.95

Juicy black tiger prawns in spicy marinade roasted to perfection.

Tandoori Fish 12.95

Whole seasonal fish marinated and roasted in indian clay oven.

Adraki Champ (Ginger lamb Chops) 12.95

Lamb chops marinated in ginger and house blend of spices. tender and juicy.

Beef Passanda 8.95

Spicy beef peices marinated and roasted in tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken 5.95

Famous Indian chicken marinated with spices and yogurt and roasted, leg peice.

Tandoori Tikka 8.95

Tender Boneless chicken breast pieces marinated in yogurt and spices then roasted to perfection.

Malai Tikka 8.95

Tender chicken kabab combines traditional herbs and yogurt scewered and roasted.

Chicken Passanda 8.95

spicy chicken peices in special spice blend roasted in clay oven.

Seekh Kabab 6.95

Succulent minced lamb kabab made with spices and fresh herbs skewered and roasted.

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